KR10K: Mondays, 10km


When: Monday evenings at 6.30pm (for a 6.40pm departure)

Where: Meet at the bottom of the Harbour Bridge stairs (see below).

Level: KR10K is an intermediate level run. If you are a beginner, we recommend getting comfortable running the KR Classic before you attempt KR10K.

Course description

Known as KR10K, the Monday Night 10 km run is an ideal training run. In early 2017, Kirribilli Runners added this longer workout to their regular routine, which before then consisted only of the KR Classic.


The route is essentially an ‘out and back’ to Waterman’s Cove, Barangaroo. However, to keep it interesting, we have made homeward journey different to the outbound journey. It might seem a little complicated at first, but once you’ve completed the circuit a few times, we’re sure you won’t lose your way.

Here are our detailed directions:

Updated May 2021: Waterman’s Cove version

  • Run across the Harbour Bridge, north to south.
  • Run down the Harbour Bridge stairs, and turn left onto Cumberland Street and follow the road
  • Turn left onto Lower Fort St and continue for about 400m
  • Turn left onto Argyle St
  • Continue over George St and towards the Harbour foreshore
  • Turn left into the Sydney Cove Overseas Passenger Terminal
  • Follow the harbour foreshore around Piermouth Bay and Hickson Road Reserve until you’re on Hickson Road
  • Follow Hickson Road until you reach the first entry point to Pier 4/5; make a sharp right into that entry point
  • Run around Pier 4/5
  • Follow the Walsh Bay Deck around to run around Pier 8/9
  • Turn right onto Hickson Road/Towns Place and run into the Barangaroo Reserve (Wulagui Walk)
  • Run the entire length of the Wulagui Walk until you pass the Crown and reach Waterman’s Cove
  • Run the deck around Waterman’s Cove and circle back to Barangaroo
  • Run the course in reverse until you exit Barangaroo
  • Run back Hickson Road (no piers this time) until you reach the Crushed Car roundabout
  • Turn right at the Crushed Car roundabout and go up Pottinger Stret Hill
  • Turn left onto Windmill St and then right onto Lower Fort St
  • Turn right on Argyle St and then left up the Watson Rd ramp
  • Continue up the Watson Rd ramp and then run down into the Harbour Bridge pedestrian tunnel to make your way back up the stairs and onto the Harbour Bridge.
  • Push hard for the final 1,500 metres home!
Strava leaderboard

We’ve created a Strava segment for the course, and it now has a very active Leaderboard. Personal records are run regularly!

KR10K (Waterman’s Cove, May 2021)

Previous course (May 2019, ‘double stargazer’)

Where we meet

6.30pm at the steps leading up to the Harbour Bridge pedestrian path, Milsons Point.


Kirribilli is on the traditional land of the Cammeraygal people. The name Kirribilli was probably derived from the Aboriginal word kiarabilli, which means “good fishing spot.” Kirribilli Runners acknowledges the traditional custodians of the country on which we gather and run, as well as our responsibility to respect and care for country, people, and spirit.

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