About us

There’s no need to register or contact anyone — you can simply turn up!

Kirribilli Runners is a free and welcoming running crew for social runners, as well as runners motivated by competition. We welcome runners of all abilities and make room for all levels of experience. So, if you’re currently running solo, training for an event, or are tired of running on a treadmill at the gym, join us! We’re a friendly and welcoming bunch.

We attract Kirribilli locals, as well as people from all over Sydney. Again, there is no need to register or contact anyone — you can simply turn up!

We are also known as KR or KRew, with the ‘KR’ always in capitals. (Very clever!) As a community running group, our values are expressed in our Values Statement


Kirribilli Runners is managed by a voluntary committee of organisers. If you’re interested in becoming involved with the group to develop and support our activities, please get in touch with Chris (below) or connect with our Facebook group. The current organisers are:

Steve Kibble
Thursday run host, Newsletter 

Ant Wood
Monday run host

Brian Gore
Monday run host

Joy Lopez
Social media and promo

Kate of Sommer Studio
Web and design

Judy Grobstein Edwards
Social events

Where we meet

6.30pm at the steps leading up to the Harbour Bridge pedestrian path, Milsons Point. Monday and Thursday nights.



When was KR established?

In May, 2006, by now-retired member Dave Holmes.

Why was KR established?

In 2006 there weren’t any running clubs in the vicinity of the lower north shore. Hence, KR was born. Now, there are many more clubs and groups. However, we find the timing works out well, and there are not many other clubs doing a Monday or Thursday in the immediate vicinity.

How many people are in your club?

The Facebook group is very active, with almost 1000 members. On an average week, we’ll have about 50 runners on Thursday night and about 35 runners for the 10k on Monday night.

How far do we run?

The Thursday night course is about 6.3 kms and the Monday night course is about 10.25 kms. Of course, you’re welcome to shorten that run if you wish.

How much does it cost?

Free! However, if you or your business would like to sponsor us or contribute to our activities, please let us know!

What's the average age of the group members?

All ages! We’ve had 11-year-old runners through to 75+ runners join us on the route.

How fit do I need to be?

We try to cater for all paces and speeds. The two runs have been designed to allow course cutting. This way front runners can keep in touch with back-of-pack runners and vice versa. The hosts of the run will work to establish pacing groups or pace strategies at the start of the run. As a rule, the group waits at the end of the run for all the other runners to come home. Groups tend to form as follows:

Fast: 4.20-4.50 min/k pace
Medium: 4.50 – 5.30 min/k pace
Easy: 5.30 – 6.30 min/k pace

Do you do anything else do besides running?

As our slogan #rundrinkrepeat suggests, we also like to socialise. After our Thursday night runs, we enjoy a drink at the Kirribilli Hotel and then migrate down to Pizzeria Rio (Kirribilli) for pizza at a KR discount. We also have an annual Christmas party, and we try to organise other social events throughout the year.

Kirribilli is on the traditional land of the Cammeraygal people. The name Kirribilli was probably derived from the Aboriginal word kiarabilli, which means “good fishing spot.” Kirribilli Runners acknowledges the traditional custodians of the country on which we gather and run, as well as our responsibility to respect and care for country, people, and spirit.

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