About us

Kirribilli Runners is a free, non-competitive, social running group. We welcome runners of all abilities, and attract runners of a wide range of paces. So, if you’re currently running solo—or tired of running on a treadmill at the gym—why not join us? We’re a friendly and welcoming bunch. 

We attract Kirribilli locals, as well as people from all over Sydney. There’s no need to register or contact anyone — you can simply turn up!


Kirribilli Runners is managed by a voluntary committee. If you’re interested in becoming involved with the committee to advance and develop the activities of the group, please get in touch with Steve or Chris (below). The committee members for 2017–18 are:

Steve Kibble, Director, Thursday run host (stephenkibble@gmail.com), Newsletter

Chris Rudge, Deputy Director, Monday run host, website, merchandise (chris@rudge.tv)

Mark McEntee, Social events organiser

Gareth Dando, Treasurer

Sonia Geerlings

Peter Owen

Dianne Potter

Where we meet

6.30pm at the steps leading up to the Harbour Bridge pedestrian path, Milsons Point. Monday and Thursday nights.


When was KR established?

May, 2006, by Dave Holmes.

Why was KR established?

Dave began Kirribilli Runners because in 2006 there weren’t any running clubs in the vicinity of the lower north shore–despite the many runners combing the area at the time. Now, of course, there are many more clubs. But we still draw great numbers from all over Sydney.

How many people are in your club?

More than 150 delightful and distinguished individuals comprise our Facebook group. We attract a dozen or more on Thursdays—and often, we get many more than that at the pub afterwards. On Mondays, we attract between 7 and 15 runners for the 10k.

How far do we run?

The Thursday night course is about 6.3 kms and the Monday night course is about 10.25 kms. Of course, you’re welcome to shorten that run if you wish.

How much does it cost?

Zilch. However, if you’re interested in sponsoring us, please feel free to get in touch.

What's the average age of the group members?

Most runners range between 22 and 50 years of age. And, yes, some are single.

How fit do I need to be?

We cater for all paces and speeds. The two runs have been designed to allow course cutting as well as to allow front runners to keep in touch with back-of-pack runners. On an average night, our group pace ranges from between 4:20p/km to 6:50p/km. The hosts of the run will establish pacing partners or pace strategies at the start of the run to allow everyone to stick together. As a rule, the group waits at the end of the run for all the other runners to come home.

Do you do anything else do besides running?

As our slogan #rundrinkrepeat suggests, Kirribilli Runners also like to socialise. After our Thursday night runs, we enjoy a drink at the Kirribilli Hotel and then migrate down to Pizzeria Rio (Kirribilli) for pizza at a KR discount. We also have an annual Christmas party, and organise other social events throughout the year.

Run Hosts

Steve Kibble

When not globetrotting, Steve hosts the Thursday night runs. Steve has been running with Kirribilli Runners since 2007. In 2017, Steve took up the role of directing Kirribilli Runners.

Why are you a runner?

Because I’m getting ready for when the zombie apocalypse comes, and it is coming! Then the zombies won’t be able to catch me…

What are your personal best/s?

Marathon: 3.33.

How many marathons/half marathons have you run?

About 50 marathons and a lot of half marathons… No idea really.

What running moment are you most proud of?

I was pacing Sydney Marathon a few years ago and helped this one person get a PB of over 20 minutes. It was so exciting to be a part of that that I continue to do pacing whenever I can and help people through the race.

How do you stay motivated to keep running?

Same as above, because the zombies are coming to get us!

Chris Rudge

Chris hosts the Monday-night runs (#KR10K). He has been living in Kirribilli for about 2 years, and has run with KR since late 2016. Chris went to school in Kirribilli, and coached the cross country team in his senior years around the neighbourhood, meaning that Chris has been running around Kirribilli since 1999! Chris also manages the KR social (Instagram), merchandise, and website. 

Chris has completed the Play By the Rules (Australian Sport Commission and Australian Human Rights  Commission) course in Harassment and Discrimination (Certificate number 0487886/2017).

Why are you a runner?

Running takes me to a place where I can directly engage with my ability to sustain an effort; it allows me to transparently test the degree to which I can handle pain and pressure. Often it’s unforgiving, but it’s also satisfying, and sometimes it’s even transcendental. 

What are your personal bests?

5k: 18.50; 10k: 39.35; Half: 1.27.14; Mara: 3.20.27.

How many marathons/half marathons have you run?

4 half marathons, 1 marathon. My first and only marathon was the Carcoar Cup Running Festival — a very hilly one run mostly on unsealed road. I’m looking to do my first flat road marathon in January 2018 in Hobart.

What running moment are you most proud of?

Though I ran a bit in high school (now more than 15 years ago), I’ve only been organised with my running for about a year — since August 2016. In that time, I was thrilled to have a great City2Surf race in 2017.

How do you stay motivated to keep running?

I set clear weekly mileage goals. At the moment I’m running 80 kms per week. Sometimes it’s just about getting it done. Within the confines of a weekly goal, you can move around the efforts. I know of some runners who run to monthly goals.

Kirribilli is on the traditional land of the Cammeraygal people. The name Kirribilli was probably derived from the Aboriginal word kiarabilli, which means “good fishing spot.” Kirribilli Runners acknowledges the traditional custodians of the country on which we gather and run, as well as our responsibility to respect and care for country, people, and spirit.

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